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Hands of Compassion Care Ltd founded in 2018 seeks at providing the best healthcare to our service users. The company staff are helpful and supportive as well as exhibiting the compassion that is required in giving excellent care.

At Hands of Compassion Care the prime focus is to offer professional and reliable care to all service users through our compassionate staff. 

There is also room for staff to develop their previous skills making this company a good stepping stone for career development. 


To offer quality care service 365 days a year

To ensure care provided is in line with all quality care  guidelines

To provide personalised care plans for all service users

To ensure client satisfaction throughout the process

To make sure and maintain a safe environment for service users and staff

To keep good rapport and relationship with clients, family relatives and local authorities 

To support service users to gaining prior independence and confidence again

"Our prime focus is to provide professional, and reliable care to all service users through our compassionate group of staff"


We believe that...


every service user should be treated with respect, free from all types of discrimination including but not limited to gender, gender orientation, race, religion, age etc

the dignity of the service user must be maintained throughout the care process

providing the appropriate amount of care will also promote a level of independence and confidence to the service users

quality care will also provide social and emotional support to the service users


Our Key Values

At Hands of Compassion Care we hold a number of values to ground us in making sure the best care is given

Act with Honesty and Integrity

- Honesty is the best policy! Not only honest, but all staff hold strong moral principles that contribute to giving quality care

Act with Compassion

- All staff members will treat the service users with compassion making sure that service users are supported and cared for.


- All information will be kept confidential for the safety of the service users and staff members. Additionally information told us in confidence by the service users will be kept confidential unless otherwise.

Punctuality and Reliablity

- Our staff are to be punctual and reliable to all calls and meet the service users needs and requirements to ensure quality care is given.


- Care without trust is useless. Our service users will be more than able to trust our service users to maintain good rapport throughout the process.

Treat Everyone with Respect

- Its important that all service users, their relatives and our staff are treated with respect to make this a lovely environment for all.

Treat Everyone Equally

- We do not discriminate against any race, culture, gender, nationality etc. As a company we endeavour to treat all service users and staff members equally.

Hands of Compassion Care Ltd

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